Short notes

Breast lumps/mass

Young Pt with breast lump; next step after History & Examination……….. US. Old pts >40 with breast lump; next step after History & Examination…… Mammography. 1st inv of solid mass: core biopsy. Best inv of solid mass: excision. 1st inv of cystic mass: FNABC. Asymptomatic mass in young female, hypoechoic on US: FIBROADENOMA. TTT of …

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Which one of the following can be used for data analysis in Cross sectional? 1. Odds ratio 2. Relative risk 3. Chi square test *** 4. Attributable risk and Chi square test 5. odds ratio and attributable risk cross sectional: use CHI SQUARE Cohort: use RR or AR Case control: use ODD’s RATIO Which is …

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Alcohol disorders

Petrol sniffing: Key words…….. 1-aboriginal people 2-Most common age …….12-15 ys 3-visual hallucination Cp: * Euphoria * Hallucinations * Slurred speech * Slowed down reflexes * Increased libido * Dizziness * Disassociation with the environment * Vomiting alcoholism How to help to reduce alcohol consumption in Australia?……raise taxes level Safe alcohol level: Male……2 cups per day …

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