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In Karumba, a remote Australian town, healthcare accessibility is a significant challenge due to long travel distances. Many patients endure pain and health issues without seeking medical attention because traveling for necessary procedures is too burdensome. This situation is part of a broader problem in remote areas, where healthcare outcomes are determined by postal codes.

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AMC MCQ Recalls AUGUST 2023

Professor Steve Robson, the President of the AMA, communicated with health ministers nationwide to express the association’s opposition to the upcoming rise in medical registration fees. The letters were directed at state, territory health ministers, and Federal Health Minister Mark Butler. This action was taken based on information received by the AMA indicating that AHPRA’s

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AMC MCQ Recalls JULY 2023

The Palaszczuk Government has announced today that all Queenslanders will be offered a free flu vaccination, amid a spike in influenza cases across the state. Free influenza vaccinations will be available from 22 July to 31 August at GPs and pharmacies across Queensland. The Palaszczuk Government will cover the cost, which is estimated to cost

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AMC MCQ Recalls JUNE 2023

The Australian Government is providing $1.3 million to Beechworth Health Service to roll out and evaluate a tool that improves care planning for older Australians across what matters to them, medications, mobility and mental health. The Indigo 4Ms tool – which was co-designed with local communities and health and aged care stakeholders – will be

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AMC MCQ Recalls MAY 2023

The first diagnostic test for long COVID is now available to patients across Australia. The test can help physicians diagnose long COVID by differentiating it from other diseases with similar symptoms, and to design personalized treatment approaches. Persistent COVID, or long COVID, is a multiorgan symptomatic complex with symptoms persisting over time. It affects patients

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AMC MCQ Recalls APRIL 2023

ANZAC DAY 2023! Today marks the 108th anniversary of the Gallipoli landings in 1915 and it commemorates Australians who have served and made the ultimate sacrifice for their nation. The solemnity of the services is reflected in the fact some 8700 brave Australians lost their lives and 18,000 were wounded during the campaign. We would

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AMC MCQ Recalls MARCH 2023

The Australian healthcare system is facing a crisis due to a shortage of general practitioners (GPs) and increasing pressure on both primary and secondary care services. In response, the RACGP is urging the Federal Government to provide support to international medical graduates (IMGs). The President of the College, Dr. Nicole Higgins, has emphasized that the

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The Australian government has accepted the recommendation of the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (Atagi) and will offer a fifth Covid vaccine dose to all Australian adults who have not received a booster or had a confirmed case of Covid-19 in the past six months. Eligible individuals will be able to receive the additional

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How to get a job with just AMC Part 1 result?

CAN I APPLY FOR JOB WITH JUST AMC PART 1 RESULT? If you are reading this because you had passed your AMC Part 1 exam, CONGRATULATIONS, you may now either proceed with AMC Part 2 exam or directly applying for job with your current Part 1 exam result. If you have not take/pass AMC Part

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