AMC MCQ Past Recalls/Pilot Questions

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Recently, we received a private message from a candidate questioning about

the reasons why we would charge for past recalls as previously we had provide them for free. Past recalls were contributed by previous candidates and should also be given for FREE!!!

– AMC Candidate

Well, before judging us, please understand that most of the recalls provided by previous candidates that are made available online were not complete. Those untouched raw recalls, we would always compile them and give out for free.

Do take note that the past recalls which are available from our site are complete recalls. We hire medical practitioners to modify those questions (using fragments of recalls by our candidates and complete it to an actual question stem and provide accurate answers accordingly with explanations).

Those past recalls questions are an extra feature exclusively only found in our qbank in which we do not charge specifically just for those past recalls. We always emphasize in building our qbank and creating more questions to help our fellow candidates to pass AMC exam with ease.

With more questions in our qbank including past recalls/pilot questions, we hope that our subscribers would face similar questions during the actual exam.

Nevertheless, we would like to apologize for any misunderstanding or inconvenience caused. Please follow our Facebook page at for more updates in free recalls monthly.


MplusX Team.

**Thankyou for reading. We would like to provide you with our MplusX solved raw Feb 2020 recalls. Enjoy & all the best to your exam! Download link:

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