How to get a job with just AMC Part 1 result?

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If you are reading this because you had passed your AMC Part 1 exam, CONGRATULATIONS, you may now either proceed with AMC Part 2 exam or directly applying for job with your current Part 1 exam result.

If you have not take/pass AMC Part 1 exam or unsure of what is AMC and how to go about it? You may click here for more information.

Applying for job with AMC PART 1 result

Australia is divided into  six states and two territories. Each state runs its own health ministry of sorts, like SAHealth, NSWHealth, QLDHealth, TASHealth, VICHealth, WAHealth, NTHealth and ACTHealth. Each have their own website that opens during their respective recruitment drives. There you can look for job openings and scheduling for the next recruitment. You can register on the site to upload things such as your personal details, cover letter, curriculum vitae, medical degree and other documents.

They will screen through all applications (it may take months) and shortlist candidates which fulfill the requirement (i.e., outstanding CV with good English, candidates who had already completed internship with competent skills and etc…) All successful shortlisted candidates will be contacted via phone call/email and will be provided with a date for interview. Interview will be conducted via online. Once you had passed the interview, you will be most likely be given a job offer. With the employment offer, you will be eligible to apply for limited registration via AHPRA. You will need to complete a 12-months supervised practice at your workplace.

During the 12-months supervised practice, you may choose to proceed with AMC PART 2 or apply for WBA (Work Based Assessment) if your place of practice is acknowledged by AMC-accredited authority. 

The AMC accredited authorities are as below:

  • Central Coast Local Health District
  • Central Queensland Hospital and Health Service
  • Flinders Rural Health South Australia (in partnership with Mt Gambier Hospital)
  • Hunter New England Local Health District
  • Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District
  • Latrobe Regional Hospital
  • Launceston General Hospital
  • Mildura Base Public Hospital
  • Monash Health
  • Mid North Coast Local Health District
  • Northern Adelaide Local Health Network
  • Northern New South Wales Local Health District (Richmond Medical Workforce)
  • South Western Sydney Local Health District
  • Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service
  • Top End Regional Health Service
  • Western Australia Country Health Service
  • Wide Bay Hospital and Health Service

After completion of AMC PART 2 or WBA, you will then be eligible to apply to the Medical Board of Australia (MBA) for general registration.

Medical registration

All IMGs on the Standard pathway must pass the AMC CAT MCQ Examination before they can apply to the Board for registration. IMGs who have passed the AMC CAT MCQ can apply for limited registration.

IMGs who have passed both the AMC CAT MCQ and the AMC Clinical Examinations before commencing their period of supervised practice in Australia, must apply for provisional registration (they are not eligible to apply for limited registration).

IMGs who receive their AMC Certificate during their period of supervised practice cannot renew limited registration, they must apply for provisional registration if they need more time to complete their period of supervised practice.

Applicants for registration pay the relevant application fee and registration fee.

IMGs work under supervision in general practice positions or hospital based positions. Further information about supervision is available on the Supervision page.

IMGs may be required to undertake a pre-employment structured clinical interview (PESCI) prior to applying for limited or provisional registration. Further information is available on the PESCI page.

Limited registration

IMGs must pass the AMC CAT MCQ Examination before they can apply to the Board for limited registration. In addition, the IMG must have secured an offer of employment.

The type of limited registration depends on the position:

  • Limited registration for postgraduate training or supervised practice 
  • Limited registration for area of need – if working in an area of need

Further information on limited registration is available on the Board’s website.

Provisional registration

IMGs who have successfully completed both the AMC CAT MCQ and the AMC Clinical Examinations (AMC Certificate holders) must apply for provisional registration. The IMG also needs to have secured an offer of employment.

Further information on provisional registration is available on the Board’s website.

General registration

IMGs on the Standard pathway must successfully complete 12 months of supervised practice (minimum of 47 weeks full-time service) in an approved position before being eligible to apply for general registration. The requirements for general registration are outlined in the Board’s Registration standard Granting general registration to medical practitioners who hold an Australian Medical Council certificate.

Regardless of whether an IMG has completed the AMC exams or the WBA, they must demonstrate that they have achieved the expected learning outcomes – either during completion of core rotations or through other learning experiences.

The Board has developed guidance on the documentary evidence required to support an application for general registration.

In addition, all IMGs are required to comply with the Board’s registration standards.

Further information

More information about the AMC exams and primary source verification of qualifications is available on the AMC website.

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3 thoughts on “How to get a job with just AMC Part 1 result?”

  1. Valuable information .
    I am an Ophthalmologist from India with 5+ years of experience after my post graduation . After clearing AMC part -1 , what are my chances of getting a job ? Or will they post me in rural area?

  2. I’m an Indian, medical student studying in Russia, in 5th year. I have another year to complete. I would like to pursue my PG in Australia. I am confused where am I supposed to do my internship. And when is it necessary. Or just after my general Medicine degree, should I give AMC part 1, then do the 47 weeks of supervised internship?
    Thank you!

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