AMC MCQ Recalls March 2020

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Doing recalls is one of the best way to tackle AMC Part I. However, many find it difficult to get recalls as nowadays not many candidates would be willing to share their experiences or recalls to other candidates. Worry not, we are constantly keeping in touch with all our past candidates and most of them would share with us their recalls so that we could solve for them.

Australian Medical Council (AMC) MCQ Recalls March 2020 compilation

1/ lady in her late sixties got an eye patching done following a FB removal in the right eye,now c/o blurring of vision in the L eye,irregular red reflex on eye examination,cause?

  • optic atrophy
  • vitreous heamorrhage
  • macular degenenration
  • retinal detachment
  • cataract

2/ husband brings his wife to the psychiatrist c/o recent change in behaviour,repeatedly cleaning the house,flirtatious with his friend,she start the conversation in a flirtatious manner with you but later becomes very rude and aggressive,Dx?

  • hypomania
  • histrionic

3/ 14year old girl with typical fx of meningitis,CSF show normal glucose with raised proteins and lymphocytossi,Mx?

  • antibiotica
  • analgesics and observe

4/ 17yr old addicted to vdeo gaming and skips family meals and avoid meeting friends,stopped going to school,feels guity for lying to his parents,gets edgy when he cannot play videogames,Dx?

  • video game disorder(exact words)
  • cant remember the other options

5/ ECG of heart block morbitz type2,patient on digoxin and cant remember the other drugs,feeling dizzy,asking for Rx?

  • pace naker
  • stop digoxin

6/ patient present following overseas trip with flue like symptoms ,lymphadenopathy and hepatosplenomegaly,HIV done is negative ,asking what next?

  • repeat HIV
  • check oir EBV

7/ patient with deranged lipid profile with high total cholesterol and low HDL,normal HBA1C,next best?

  • apolipoprotein
  • glucose challege test
  • TSH

8/ registrar confesses to an intern that the consultant doesnt treat him well and he is having a difficult time in the ward and with work,later the intern finds out that the registrar is taking diazepam from the ward,what should the intern do?

  • cant remember the options but there was an option forsenior incharge of interns

9/ patient in his mid forties ,known patient with ulcerative colitis,on azathioprin(cant exactly remember) and sulphasalalzine,was on good remission,presents with a flair up with diarrhea,Labs give;normocromic anemia,with normal white count and raised ESR,PLT=700, asking for the cause

  • drug reaction
  • occult malignancy
  • infection

10/ scenario of a 2yr old boy with R-lower lobar pneumonia(xray given with right lower lobar haziness,which investigation next ?

  • pneumococcal pcr
  • blood culture
  • FBC

11/ 14 yr old with a limp and c/o leg pain (BMI=90,xray given),asking for treatment?

  • traction
  • hip spica
  • B/L screw fixation

12/ 40yr old lady with primary intertility for >10years,also has a history of clamydia which was treated and endometriosis,what will best predict the future fertility?

  • clamydia infection
  • endometriosis
  • age

13/ 2weeks old baby with persistent jaundice,otherwise well with good weight gain,total bilirubin=240,direct<10%,asking whats next best

  • phototherapy
  • repeat bilirubin in one week
  • stop breatfeeding

14/ same scenario as above asking for DX?

  • breat milk jaundice

15/ patient got hit onthe head with a ball while playin cricket,but he keeps playin and later c/O increasing headache and becomes drowzyand taken off the field,,doesnt loose conciousness,BP=100/80 and PR=110,asking for Dx?

  • EDH
  • SDH
  • concussion
  • cerebral contusion

16/ repeat recall of a 65 yr old lady who drinks few cups of coffee and beer in the evening who wakes up wetting the bed,no symptoms i the day time,Dx?

  • alcohol intox
  • stress incont
  • infection

17/ history of L sided throbbing headache present with sudden deterioration of vision,most appropriate next?

  • ESR
  • Temporal artery biopsy

18/ patient started on vancomycin,develops red pruiritic rash,subsides after the infusion was stopped,what does this indicate?

  • can never use vancomycin for him again
  • infusion at a slower rate with the same dosage
  • lesser dose of vancomycin

19/ 69 yr old demented patient in nursing home,with urine and fecal incontinence,passes 500ml of dark blood rectalyhe is pale but not clammy,bp not low but mild,PR=90,family insisting that maximum medical care should be given,what is the next best?

  • urgent transfer to hospital in ambulance
  • arrange blood transfusion in the nursing home

20/ young male presents to the ER following an overseas trip with flue like symptoms lymphadenopathy and hepatosplenomegaly,HIV testin comes negative,whats next best?

  • repear HIV
  • check for EBV

21/ lady with multiple small joint pain,ANA +,ENA +,anti CCP= neg,anti dsDNA= positive and anti RO= positive,Dx?

  • RA
  • SLE
  • Sjogrens
  • mixed connective tissue disorder

22/ 42yr old lady present with a painfull  2cm round firm mass in her R breat which was confirmed after  examination,most likely DX?

  • fibroadenoma
  • CA
  • lipoma
  • sebaceous cyst

23/ Lesbian ask regarding risk of breast ca. No family hx of breast ca.

  • Breast cancer rates do not differ between lesbians and heterosexual women
  • Breast cancer rates are higher among lesbians because of nonparity

24/ Vaginal discharge, unusual fishy odor, KOH done. Treatment?

  • Metronidazole
  • Clotrimazole

25/ Patient suffer small left frontal embolic stroke during cardiac catheterization. AFter that develop poor naming ability and is nonfluent. Comprehension and repetition are relatively preserved.

  • Broca aphasia
  • Wernicke aphasia
  • Transcortical motor aphasia

26/ Middle age man with DM and HPT has inability to achieve erection. Mx?

  • Therapeutic trial of sildenafil
  • Nocturnal penile tumescence testing

27/ A screening urinalysis in a female patient reveals asymptomatic bacteriuria. Which indicated for treatment?

  • sexually active lady
  • pregnant lady
  • menopause lady

28/ A pregnant lady with no previous antenatal checkup came to you. Noted she has placenta previa and from scan fetus is at term. Refusal for cesarean. Mx?

  • A hospital ethics committee to evaluate the situation

29/ Given photo of eczema ask for management

  • Moisturizers and topical steroids
  • Coal-tar soaps and shampoo
  • Ultraviolet light therapy

30/ Recurrent staring movement in young child. Ask for diagnostic study

  • EEG

31/ Woman with imited memory of her childhood years but knows that she was removed from her parents because of their abuse and neglect. She hears voices that simply comment on what she is doing. Dx?

  • Dissociative identity disorder
  • Schizophrenia
  • Depersonalization disorder

32/ 6 year old child fall down develop unconsciousness then had unilateral pupillary dilatation, focal seizures, recurrence of depressed consciousness, and hemiplegia. Ix?

  • CT brain

33/ Blood splash over eye. Subsequently develop difference in eye colour Left eye blue affected eye brown. Etiology?

  • Congenital

We will gather more MARCH recalls and add into this post. So do visit regularly for the latest update.

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