AMC MCQ Recalls JUNE 2020

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Doing recalls is one of the best way to tackle AMC Part I. Pilot questions may have tendency to be repeated in the AMC MCQ actual exam. However, it is hard to get nowadays as not many candidates would share their recalls/experience. Worry not, we are constantly keeping in touch with all our past candidates and most of them would share with us their recalls so that we could solve for them.

Australian Medical Council (AMC) MCQ Recalls JUNE 2020 compilation

  1. third-degree laceration birth. sexually active with her partner. menopausal for 4 years and never taken any hormone therapy.
    1. overflow incontinence
    1. stress incontinence
    1. forgot the rest as not relevant
  2. gestational surrogate for a couple who cannot bear children. responsibility as an obstetrician caring for a gestational surrogate?
    1. consult parents regarding all clinical interventions
    1. discuss health of the surrogate and pregnancy progress
  3. swollen knee. perform arthrocentesis to find cloudy fluid. glucose level in the joint fluid is decreased.
    1. gout
    1. infectious arthritis 
  4. A patient has short stature, webbed neck, low-set ears, and epicanthal folds. Select the cardiovascular disorder with which this clinical scenario is most likely to be associated. Something like that…
    1. massive tricuspid regurgitation 
    1. aortic regurgitation
  5. unable to climb stairs. Have rash on face. weakness about the hip and shoulder girdle. purplish-red discoloration of the skin and finger joints.
    1. psoriasis
    1. myasthenia gravis
  6. sometimes difficult to speak. no history of diabetes mellitus or neurologic disease. buccal mucosa appears dry next evaluation?
    1. lip biopsy
    1. schirmer test and measurement of autoantibodies 
  7.  urinalysis. presence of trace glucosuria. other parameters are normal. the most likely cause of the increased sugar detected in the urine?
    1. diabetes
    1. urine infection
  8. smoker suspect quadrivalent HPV vaccine. sexually active for 5 years with three partners. two nontender vaginal lesions which resemble flesh-colored cauliflower. advice?
    1. already infected with one strain, but the vaccine will still be effective
    1. vaccine will protect her from HPV strain. 
  9. type 2 diabetic woman losing weight and exercise, her profile hasn’t substantially changed. the first-line treatment?
    1. continued lifestyle modifications
    1. niacin
  10. pregnant lady. Asymptomatic uti picture resistance to amoxicillin
    1. prescribe augmentin
    1. prescribe ciprofloxacin
    1. trimethoprim
  11. age 12, he began to have eye fluttering lasting several seconds. been treated with valproic acid. 2 hours of sleep the night before final examination. What to tell this patient?
    1. “I know that you faked this seizure to avoid taking a test.” 
    1. “Lack of sleep may have contributed to triggering this seizure.” 
  12. obese has hemoglobin A1C of 9.5 and elevated urine microalbumin. medication to blood pressure control.
    1. alpha-blocker
    1. beta-blocker
    1. ACEi
  13. blood type O positive gives birth to an infant who has A-positive blood and a hematocrit of 55%. characteristic of ABO hemolytic disease?
    1. normal reticulocyte count 
    1. positive direct Coombs test 
  14.  expulsion of all fetal and placental tissue at 10 weeks gestation.type of abortion?
    1. complete abortion
  15. blood samples of a 3-day-old full-term infant. appropriate treatment for galactosemia?
    1. special infant formula
    1. hormone therapy
  16. normal-pressure hydrocephalus undergoes lumbar puncture. 3 hours later, able to walk unassisted and turns well. spinal fluid?
    1. no abnormalities
    1. elevated protein
  17. alcoholic man at emergency room. have delirium tremens. treated with thiamine and intravenous fluids. becomes unresponsive and dies within 24 hours. diagnosis?
    1. neuromyelitis optica       
    1. central pontine myelinolysis
  18.  9-month-old baby gone from the 75th to the 10th percentile in height and weight. recurrent respiratory infections and diarrhea. most useful test?
    1. mantoux test for tuberculosis
    1. assessment for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) 
  19.  diarrhea, weight loss, and RLQ pain. tender mass is noted in the RLQ; thickening of the terminal ileum. diagnosis?
    1. ulcerative colitis
    1. crohn disease 
  20.  compares cholesterol levels in children whose fathers died from a myocardial infarction with cholesterol levels in children whose fathers died from other causes. p value was <0.001.
    1. no difference in cholesterol levels between the 2 groups. 
    1. difference in the cholesterol levels was less than 0.1%. 
  21.  young woman pelvic pain. fever, vaginal discharge, and mild dysuria. cervical motion tenderness. cause of the pain?
    1. PID
    1. ectopic pregnancy
  22. old man with 3 times in the past month of sudden impairment of vision affecting the right eye. next diagnostic test?
    1. creatine phosphokinase (CPK) 
    1. holter monitor
  23. concerned about becoming ill while traveling overseas. most common illness reported by international travelers?
    1. diarrhea
    1. upper respiratory infection
  24. male with gynecomastia and infertility. he has small, firm testes and eunuchoid features. scant axillary and pubic hair.
    1. Turner syndrome. 
    1. normal testosterone level.
  25. chemical burn after spilling bleach onto his lower extremities. correct statement?
    1. alkali injuries penetrate less deeply into the tissue than acid injuries 
    1. neutralize the wound with weak acids. 
  26. young kid had fever, muscular pain, headache, and malaise. he had refused immunizations on religious grounds. preventable diseases for child?
    1. mumps
    1. varicella
  27. car accident left-sided rib fractures. no respiratory distress. fractures of ribs 4 to 7 on the left side. few hours later develops shortness of breath.
    1. pulmonary contusion
    1. pulmonary embolus
  28. old woman with Parkinson disease and improves dramatically with treatment. If disease progresses, expected?
    1. progressively inaudible speech
    1. fluent aphasia
  29. elderly man depressed for weeks. awakens every morning at 3 am. lost appetite and appears gaunt. diagnosis?
    1. major depressive disorder with atypical features 
    1. double depression
  30. motor vehicle collision. complain chest pain. most suspicious for an aortic injury?
    1. multiple right-sided rib fractures
    1. a left pulmonary contusion
  31. baby girl with cognitive delay, a blowing systolic heart murmur, short stature, round face, bilateral transpalmar crease, upslanting palpebral fissures, small ears, and epicanthal folds.
    1. down syndrome
    1. Edwards syndrome
  32. young man evaluation of infertility. recurrent pulmonary infections. abdominal pain, diarrhea, and difficulty gaining weight. diagnosis?
    1. COPD
    1. upper respiratory infections
  33. duty to promote the good of the patient
    1. patient preferences
    1. beneficence
  34. woman with urinary incontinence. Urinalysis and urine culture are negative. recommend patient?
    1. start kegel exercises
    1. hold urine for 6 hours at a time to enlarge bladder capacity.
  35. female with a broken arm. she slipped in the tub. this is the third time you have seen her for a trauma-related injury in the past 6 months. suspect domestic violence. next step?
    1. confront the patient’s partner
    1. discharge her to home. 
  36.  young boy with viral upper respiratory tract infection. 3 minute seizure. MRI results show disseminated multifocal white matter lesions
    1. multiple sclerosis
    1. acute disseminated encephalomyelitis
  37. young woman with epilepsy is taking divalproex sodium during the first trimester of pregnancy. increased risk of having children with ..
    1. holoprosencephaly
    1. defects of neural tube closure
  38. complains of lightheadedness, some minor weight loss. her vital signs are normal, but you note pallor and glossitis. how to treat her condition?
    1. diet rich in green leafy vegetables
    1. diet rich in iron
  39. bleeding from vagina. bleeding light pink to bright red. No fever or any cramping pain. vagina contains about 10 cc of blood. The cervix is closed. treatment?
    1. antibiotics for endometritis
    1. high-dose oral estrogen for placental subinvolution
  40. 1-day-old infant was born by a difficult forceps delivery. She does not move her left arm spontaneously. maintain it internally.
    1. fracture of the left clavicle
    1. left-sided erb-duchenne paralysis

41. Heart failure case man with AF on Ramipril, metoprolol, digoxin. Went on trip for 2 weeks and stopped his medication. Now with bilateral oedema up to knee in legs. And ankle swellings Lungs is clear. And the patient is not dyspneic, What is the most appropriate management?
A- Frusemide
B- Recommence all his medications
C- Ramipril
D- Digoxin

42. Patient with a history of cll, on fludarabine, cyclophosphamide, rituximab. Presents two days back with with fever nd rigors. Mild pneumonia was diagnosed. started meropenam and azithromycin. Now developed rash (maculopapular on abdomen not widely spread). what investigation

A. bone marrow examination.
B. skin biopsy
C. drug allergy test
D. immunofluorescence

43. Pt came wth PV bleeding having amenorrhea of 9 werks. Wht is the initial step you will do ?
Speculum exam

44. A patient with pneumonia and atrial fibrillation,his inv shows TSH normal at upper level, T3 normal range,T4 slightly raised. What will you do next?
Thyroid scan
Repeat Thyroid function test after one month
Do the thyroid function test now
CT scan head

45. Patient with a history of cll, on fludarabine, cyclophosphamide, rituximab. Presents two days back with with fever nd rigors. Mild pneumonia was diagnosed. started meropenam and azithromycin. Now developed rash (maculopapular on abdomen not widely spread). what investigation

A. bone marrow examination.
B. skin biopsy
C. drug allergy test
D. immunofluorescence

46. 50 yo women is coming and asking for you to explain her mammogram ,which comes normal, in terms of accuracy of the result as she is concerned that she still might have cancer that is not visible.What would you say?
A.mammogaphy is reliable in Dx of cancer
B.flase positive results might occur
C.mammography is having high specificity
D.negative predictive value explains her results

47. 3.7 kg infant delivered vaginally after uncomplicated 38 weeks gestation. On ex small scrotal sacs that resemble enlarged labia and no palpable testes, with either a microphallus and hypospadias or enlarged vaginal opening. the other exam Is normal. What is the next investigation?
A karyotype
B usg abd and pelvis
C serum electrolyte level
D serum 17 hydroxyprogesterone level
E chest x ray

48. A 18 months old child brought by his mother with a complaint of Pustular rash developed 2 weeks later to a vaccine injection. Initially child had pain, redness and swelling at injection site. H/o immunisation schedule is up to date. O/e multiple pustular lesion on the injection site. which one of the vaccine is most like to be the reason?
A TB Vaccine
B Influenza Vaccine
C pneumonia vaccine
D Varicella vaccine…

49. A 58 year old male with Churg Strauss Syndrome presents with a cough productive of green sputum with occasional haemoptysis. He has chronic kidney disease stage 3. He is currently on long term steroids. On examination he appears relatively well. There is evidence of left basal crepitations and bronchial breathing and he has a respiratory rate of 20. His temperature is 37.8. Oxygen saturations are 97%. His heart rate was 90 and Blood pressure 120/70 mmHg. A Chest Xray reveals left basal consolidation. Given the most likely diagnosis, what is the most appropriate management?
A. Oral Amoxicillin and Increase steroid dose
B. IV amoxicillin and Increase steroid dose

C. IV steroids
D. Oral Co-amoxiclav and Increase steroid dose
E. Oral Co-amoxiclav and Clarithromycin

50. 16 yo girl live with 20 yo boy for 2 years. Suddenly, child pregnant, advice for termination. What will you do?

A. report to child protection
B. inform parents

We will gather more JUNE recalls and add into this post. So do visit regularly for the latest update.

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