AMC MCQ Recalls JULY 2020

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Due to current pandemic, the recalls we received from our subscribers are limited as most of the test centers were closed down. Even so, worry not! We will still update our recalls from time to time if we receive any. By doing recalls is one of the best way to tackle AMC Part I as pilot questions may have tendency to be repeated in the AMC MCQ actual exam. All the best everyone!

Australian Medical Council (AMC) MCQ Recalls JULY 2020 compilation

1. Pt sees a ‘smudge’ in front of eye while doing makeup, smudge does not go away
⁃ A) ask her to get her eye pressure check as soon as possible
⁃ B) ask her to get her eyes pressure checked when she gets her glasses
⁃ C) urgent ophthalmologist referral

2. old woman at ED with dark stool. positive for decreased appetite and weight loss. denies abdominal pain, but feels increased weakness and fatigue. diagnosis?
– diverticulitis
– hemorrhoids

3. Mother delivers baby,mother is Hep B positive
A) give hep vaccine to baby
B give vaccine and ig to baby
C) give hep B vaccine to mother
D ) give IG to mother

4. an ectopic pregnancy. most likely to predispose to ectopic pregnancy?
– previous cervical conization
– pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)

5. mother of a baby is a carrier of hepatitis B surface antigen. appropriate action infant?
– screen the infant for HBsAg, isolate the infant with enteric precautions

6. major depression with head injury years ago and a seizure disorder. antidepressants?
– venlafaxine nefazodone

7. Pic given of neck lump ,
Painless neck lump asking for next investigation?

8. 2 year old patient with decrease in vision from past few months . vision s 6/18 on right side and 6/12 on left and on correction with pinhole is 6/9 and 6/6 .What is the cause fr this condition?
a. Retinal degeneration
b. Glaucoma
c. Cataract
d. refractive error due to age related macular degeneration
e. presbyopia

9. University researcher wants to do study (approved study) on diabetes. Patients will be funded. Ask you to find the patients
A) select a list of suitable patient and send
b) give a list of your patient record
C) send some of the fund to hospital bill fund ( don’t remember the fund name clearly
D) allow researcher to meet patient in waiting room

10. bitten by a wild animal while camping. which viruses typically invade the CNS along peripheral nerves?
– mumps
– measles

11. short of breath. upper respiratory infection 3 weeks ago, reveals decreased inspiratory volume without crackles or wheezes
– parkinson disease
– amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

12 Child with Leg pain at night for the past 6 weeks, active and is well during the day. Feels better after parents massage leg,physical exam all normal rx ?
A) Mri
B no evaluation required
C ) bone scan

13. Diet cheese puffs and cola. problems walking at night, cannot see well. skin become dry and scaly. appropriate vitamin.
– Vitamin A Vitamin B6

14. Left eye 6 th nerve injury characteristics ?
A )can’t look upward
can’t look left
C) can’t look right
D) can’t look downwards

15. Pharmacist says that meds will cause diabetes and pt gets anxious
A ) report pharmacist
change medication
C) discuss side effects
D call pharmacist and complain that he is stressing patient

16. Girl like to go shopping, but avoids going with friends, avoids going to eat with friends by giving excuses of going to gym and dieting but eats well at home. Sees herself in mirror often. Avoids talking in front of class Dx?
Social phobia
Body dismorphic disorder

17. pain in RLQ. nausea and vomited twice. abdomen is non-distended, diffusely tender, worst in the RLQ. next step?
– admit to the gynecology service for observation administer iv antibiotics and operate once inflammation resolves

18. shortness of breath. large apical impulse and jugular venous distension (JVD). appropriate treatment?
– bronchodilators antibiotics diuretics

19. Girl drank petrol and arrived hospital.. what will happen in the patient? (Asking diagnosis)
a. Chemical pneumonitis
b. Others forgot

20. evaluate 100 patients with chest pain. negative predictive value of the initial set of cardiac enzymes in your patient population?
20% 22%

21. Which is correct for postpartum psychosis?
Last for 6 months
Suicidal thoughts

22. known psychiatry patient, threatening with axe A) try to calm and distract him B ) call police to help transfer to psychiatric careC) try to get the axe from himD give him tranquiliser

23. Child with cough and flu, bilateral crepitation in X-ray, other members of the family also experience similar symptoms dx? A pneumonia B viral croup

24. poor lipid profile. HDL is low, LDL is high, triglycerides high. medications beneficial effect for LDL?
lovastatin colestipol

25. Jellyfish recall

26. Boy plays with doll get angry when parent take it. Has no problems at school.
A) normal at this age
gender base assessment
C) parent management therapy
D) psychiatry reference

27. old man 3-day history of a painful rash over forehead and eyelid. weeping vesicular lesions.
impetigo adult chickenpox

28. old man 3-day history of a painful rash over forehead and eyelid. weeping vesicular lesions.
impetigo adult chickenpox

29. 5-year-old son awakens at midnight screaming. hyperventilating. and he returns to normal sleep. recalls nothing the following morning.
a. seizure disorder
b. night terrors

30. 4-yo girl with acute onset of respiratory distress. 28 breaths per minute, which should be of concern?
retropharyngeal abscess 

31 myopathy. inflammatory muscle disease characterized by noncaseating granulomas. cause of this symptoms?

32. drops out of college after 2 weeks. is afraid to approach anyone. extremely uncomfortable. never had a relationship with anyone other than her family. personality disorders?

33. old man with acute onset of pain, swelling, and erythema of the left knee. denies trauma to the knee. differentiate gout and septic arthritis?
white blood cell count
x-ray of the knee

34. blood samples of a 3-day-old full-term infant are sent for screening. treatment for hypothyroidism?
special infant formula
hormone therapy

35. rural area. mosquito bites on his neck and chin for. complaint of dark urine, swelling around his eyes, and shortness of breath. noticed hypertension and hepatomegaly. cause?
IgA nephropathy
poststreptococcal glomerulonephritis

36.  6 yr boy poor consentraion boy,repetitions,irritating when break his orderly placed toys,Not seated in a one place even asked to do so at office
Autism spectrum disorder
Conductive disorder

37. 30 yo fit male, presents with palpitation, feeling edgy and you notice that he’s anxious, BP 160/80 and heart rate 106. Rest is ok. Dx?
A Pheochromocytoma
B Panic Attack
C Anxiety
D Hyperthyroidism
E Carcinoid Sme.

38. 15 yr boy with treat to Mothor with knife,and police taken to office,agitation,poor school work,tv movies in whole night ,day time sleep,
Difficult to comprehend his language
What’s important in hx
Visual hallucinations
Recreational drugs
School work / exam stress

39. Squesmo cell CA over face.near to zygoma.what next
Excision biopsy
Excision and skin graft
MOHs surgery

We will gather more JULY recalls and add into this post. So do visit regularly for the latest update.

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