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To a new year with a new beginning in 2021, all hope is not lost for those who has been staying positive and testing negative. It has been 2 years since the pandemic had hit us. We have been struggling but eventually rise and in the midst of winning the battle. Likewise, AMC MCQ Examination is a tough battle we ought to fight for a medical career in Australia, we know how painful it is. There is a great demand for past recalls and we are here working with some of the best candidates to fill in the gap. Let us help you in getting your career off to a great start. Moving on to a new stage in life can be a challenging process. We wish you the best of luck in all of your future endeavors, you will be great!

Australian Medical Council (AMC) MCQ Recalls FEBRUARY 2021 compilation

Given an ECG of a 55-year-old woman presenting with palpitation. V.S hypotensive. ECG looks like fast AF. Initial resuscitation given, what will u give next.
a. Metoprolol
b. amiodarone
c. DC cardioversion

A 35-yr-old female with progressive dyspnea, reveals jugular venous distention, a palpable right ventricular lift & a loud P 2 heart sound. ECG shows right axis deviation. Diagnosis?
a. Primary pulmonary hypertension
b. Recurrent pulmonary emboli

A 55 year old woman came with abdominal cellulitis. She was started on penicillin and flucoxacillin. 12-hours later her cellulitis became worse and spread. What is next management. (Image was given)
a. debridement
b. gentamicin
c. cefotaxime
d. amoxicillin and gentamicin

A 17-yr-old female has not started her period. She is 4 ft 10, has no breast budding & pubic hair. The ovaries are not palpable. Serum FSH & LH levels are high. Reason for delayed puberty & sexual infantilism?
a. Adrenogenital syndrome (testicular feminization)
b. McCune-Albright syndrome

A CXR with massive left side white patch.
a. Pneumonia
b. Recurrent pulmonary embolism

A physician is being sued for malpractice by the parents of a baby born with cerebral palsy. Which of the following is not a prerequisite for finding the physician guilty of malpractice?
a. A doctor—patient relationship was established.
b. The physician owed a duty to the patient.

A 2-week-old infant came with bilious emesis. X-ray abdomen showed intestinal obstruction. UGI contrast series show midgut volvulus. Diagnosis?
a. Intussusception
b. hypertrophic pyloric stenosis

A 19-year-old attacked his school teacher. He told that he got a code was passed to him from a serial on volcano. What is the diagnosis?
a. schizophrenia
b. delusional disorder
c. thought insertion

A 35-yr-old man warehouse forklift operator & coworkers complained of dizziness, nausea & headaches. Patient regained consciousness immediately after collapsing. His BP 100/54, HR 103 bpm, Temp 37.8°C & RR 23 b.m. Arterial blood gas: pH 7.32, PCO2 32 & PO2 124. Diagnosis?
a. Methemoglobinemia
b. Hypoglycemic syncope

A mother came thinking her daughter might be depressed. She is 15 and has broken up with her bf of 6 months. From last 2 months she has been in her room and cancelling social events. What will you tell her?
a. normal response of adolescence
b. depression

A 40-yr-old man inherited autosomal dominant disease which causes nonpurposeful movement of the extremities. If patient exposed to l-dopa, most likely consequence?
a. Generalized seizures
b. Partial seizures

A 5-yr-old girl loves her father’s attention & becomes irritated when her mother kisses her father. The child tells her father she wants to marry him when she grows up. Child developmental period?
a. sexual
b. oedipal

A CT scan with left parietal lobe lesion which was white surrounded by black area. The patient had history of diabetes and hypertension and sign of parital lesion like dysgraphia. What is the lesion?
a. infarction
b. hemorrhage

A 13-year-old started soiling his underwear. He is on a special learning programme and is one year delayed in school. He is also complaining of abdominal pain diarrhoea from few weeks.
a. sexual abuse
b. constipation with overflow
c. bullying

A 24-yr-old drug addict has jugular venous distention & exophthalmos. Cardiovascular disorder?
a. Massive tricuspid regurgitation
b. Aortic regurgitation

A 10-yr-old boy with fever & head pain develops face drooping & difficulty fully closing his eyes. Serum & CSF PCR are positive for Borrelia burgdorferi IgM. The affected skin will develop?
a. An exfoliative dermatitis
b. Purpura

A 20 year old 48 hours after normal vaginal delivery wants to go home with her baby, both are normal. But she plans to keep smoking marijuana like she did in pregnancy and didn’t want to go counselling. Which is the highest risk to the baby?
a. she smokes indoors
b. she gets drowsy when smoking

A young man brought to ED with stab wound at RLQ. Tachycardic but BP normal. Fluid of choice?
a. NS 0.9%
b. blood
c. 10% albumin

Image of a skin lesion on ear. What is the diagnosis? Feature looks like squamous cell carcinoma
a. basal cell carcinoma
b. amelonitic melanoma
c. SCC

A-30-year-old women came to ED after falling on the edge of a bath tub. An image was attached where there was a massive blue colour haemotoma like swelling on the vulva. What will u investigate?
a. USG
b. CT
c. coag profile

An intern confided in the resident that he is having trouble at work and has been taking Temazepan for insomnia. The resident says he has the same problem so the intern offers him the the drug. What the resident must do.
a. Inform intern coordinator
b. inform APRHA
c. take the drug

An elderly 80 year patient with massive uterine prolapse. No discomfort from it. On examination have large entercoele. He has a stroke and is hemiplegic and have significantly reduced the mobility. What should be done.
a. surgery
b. no treatment

One elderly patient is unconscious with oxygen saturation of 88%. One daughter says she had advance directive of no treatment and one says she would have wanted to live. Nothing is documented. What will you do.
a. listen to daughter
b. resuscitate,
c. comfort measures.

A child with staring episode and automatism. Treatment?
a. ethosuximide
b. carbamazepine
c. sodium valproate

A child’s left arm & leg seem bigger than those on the right. The child is diagnosed with aniridia & hemihypertrophy. Major abnormality likely to be associated with this congenital anomaly?
a/ Deafness
b/ Seizures

A 51-yr-old menopausal woman is undergoing exploratory laparotomy for bilateral adnexal masses. A frozen section on the excised ovaries shows significant numbers of signet cells. Ovarian tumor is?
a/ Granulosa tumor
b/ Sertoli-Leydig cell tumor

A 35-yr-old woman is concerned that she may be allergic to certain foods. In evaluating this concern, which of the following is correct?
a/ At least 30% of the adult population is allergic to some food substance.
b/ Symptoms occur hours after ingestion of the food substance.

A 61-yr-old heavy smoker with hypertension undergoes an abdominal aortic aneurysm repair 8 hrs ago. The surgery went well. Now he is unable to move his legs & suffers T9 impaired pinprick sensation. Joint proprioception is normal. Diagnosis?
a/ Cerebral stroke
b/ Conversion disorder

A 62-yr-old man has a history of a myocardial infarction & chronic stable angina. Medication choice in addition to blood pressure control?
a/ Alpha-blocker
b/ Beta-blocker

A 20-yr-old male finds an asymptomatic mass in his scrotum. He denies fever, dysuria, or hematospermia. 1st step evaluation of mass?
a/ Palpation and transillumination
b/ HCG and α-fetoprotein

As the medical director of the normal newborn nursery in a community hospital, the standardized admission orders for all pediatricians to follow should include which vaccine?
a/ Hepatitis A vaccine
b/ Hepatitis B vaccine

A physician believes that her patient has Alzheimer disease. Causes?
a/ Neuronal loss in the cerebral cortex
b/ Demyelination in the cerebral cortex

A 48-yr-old man presents with spastic paralysis, 4+ deep tendon reflexes & an extensor plantar reflex. Diagnosis?
a/ Upper motor neuron disease
b/ Lower motor neuron disease

A 30-yr-old athlete complains of wheezing after running. The patient smokes 1-2 packs of cigarettes per day for 5 yrs. What finding would be consistent with asthma?
a/ Hyperinflation present on chest x-ray
b/ Improvement in FEV1 after bronchodilator

A 3-mth-old infant has poor feeding, emesis & diarrhea for 3 days. Her electrolytes are: Na 157, K 2.6, chloride 120, bicarbonate 14, creatinine 1.8, BUN 68 & glucose 195. She was given fluid bolus. Next?
a/ Slow rehydration over 48 hrs
b/ Continued rapid volume expansion with ¼ normal saline

A 19-yr-old patient presents with primary amenorrhea. She has normal breast & pubic hair, but the uterus & vagina are absent. Diagnosis?
a/ XYY syndrome
b/ Gonadal dysgenesis

3 days after a subarachnoid hemorrhage, a patient begins to develop neck stiffness & photophobia followed by left-sided weakness & hyperreflexia. Her left plantar response is upgoing. Treatment?
a/ Heparin
b/ Warfarin

A 26-yr-old man presents complaining of heartburn, regurgitation, belching & occasional dry cough. Symptoms are worse when lying down. GERD is suspected cause. Next step?
a/ Treat with H2-receptor antagonists, a proton pump inhibitor, or a prokinetic agent and evaluate the response
b/ Obtain a barium swallow

A 20-yr-old female develops urticaria that lasts for 6 weeks & then resolves spontaneously. Likely cause?
a/ Connective tissue disease
b/ Hyperthyroidism

A 6-wk-old boy was small for his birth wt & had intrauterine growth retardation. He is microcephalic, has a rounded face, hypertelorism & epicanthal folds. His cry is high-pitched. Syndrome?
a/ Trisomy 13
b/ Cri du chat syndrome

A 63-yr-old man presents with a right hemiparesis & nonfluent aphasia that began acutely 45 min ago. B/P is 160/80, coagulation studies are normal & no evidence of intracranial hemorrhage. Therapy?
a/ Intravenous rTPA
b/ Intravenous streptokinase

A 7-year-old boy has chronic, worsening headache without preceding symptoms. He complains of emesis in the morning before breakfast for the last 2 weeks. The most likely diagnosis?
a/ tension headache
b/ Factitious headache

A 52-yr-old man is sent to see a psychiatrist after he consistently insist on “perfect” standards which affects his job assignment deadline & annoys his colleagues with his demands. This has been a lifelong behavioral pattern. Diagnosis?
a/ Obsessive-compulsive disorder
b/ Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder

A 22-yr-old college student notices a bulge in his right groin. Which of the following hernias follows the path of the spermatic cord within the cremaster muscle?
a/ Femoral
b/ Direct inguinal

At the 2-week checkup of a term female infant, the mother reports a grayish & sometimes bloody vaginal discharge since birth. Next step?
a/ Parental reassurance
b/ MRI of the brain

62-year-old schizophrenic noted confused and disorientated. Serum sodium 123, urine sodium 5. Treated with risperidone 4mg/day. Room mate complaint patient often complaint thirsty. Cause?
a/ renal failure
b/ Addison disease
c/ psychogenic polydipsia

A patient develops a fever & tachycardia during a blood transfusion. There was a mix-up in the cross-match due to labeling error. Which is diagnostic with an immediate hemolytic reaction secondary to a blood transfusion?
a/ Serum haptoglobin above 50 mg/dL
b/ Indirect bilirubin greater than 5 mg/dL

A 60-yr-old man is suspected to have subarachnoid hemorrhage. Lumbar puncture: 7000 RBC & 9 WBC . The fluid is xanthochromic. Opening pressure is 22 cm H 2 O. Next step?
a/ Arrange for a cerebral angiogram and call a neurosurgical consult
b/ Give the patient a prescription for sumatriptan and send him home

A 2-yr-old male has a mass in his abdomen. Medical evaluation reveals aniridia, hypospadias, horseshoe kidney & hemihypertrophy. Diagnosis?
a/ Neuroblastoma
b/ Wilms tumor

A 24-yr-old primigravida with twins presents for routine ultrasonography at 20 wks gestation. Patient is diagnosed with dizygotic twins. Which is true re membranes & placentas of dizygotic twins?
a/ They are dichorionic and monoamniotic only if the fetuses are of the same sex.
b/ They are dichorionic and monoamniotic regardless of the sex of the fetuses.

A 15-yr-old girl had taken five unidentified tablets after having had an argument with her mother about a boyfriend the mother disapproved. Toxicology studies are negative. Next course of action?
a/ Hospitalize the teenager on the adolescent ward.
b/ Get a psychiatry consultation.

A 6-wk-old child comes with RR of 65 b/m & cough, significant for rales & rhonchi. Child was treated with topical antibiotic for an eye discharge at 3 wks of age. Likely cause?
a/ Neisseria gonorrhoeae
b/ Staphylococcus aureus

A 23-yr-old woman complains of one-side pelvic pain that is diffuse & dull, but occasionally sharp. Pelvic examination shows a smooth mobile adnexal mass on the right side. Likely cause?
a/ Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)
b/ Ectopic pregnancy

A non-smoking 33-yr-old woman with asthma for the last 3 yrs complains wt loss & worsening dyspnea. Her husband smokes in the home. Chest x-ray reveals flattened diaphragms, a long, narrow heart cardiac silhouette & increased retrosternal airspace. Likely consideration?
a/ Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) with chronic lung infection
b/ CHF

female normal period, last menstrual cycle 3 weeks ago, ultrasound shows left ovarian has a 10cm unilocular cyst, no excess fluid in peritoneal. what disease?
A corpus luteal cyst
B serous cystoadenona
C mucinous cysadenocarcinoma
D benign teratoma

Lady with melancholic depression, isn’t eating or drinking.
Feels she doesn’t have bowels.
Whom to take concern from for ect?
A) ect permission from MHT
B) under duty of care
C) wait till she agrees.

a 65yr old patient comes with 1 wk h/o passing mucous containing stool.he has h/o amoxicillin 2 months back for respiratory infection.on examination rectum is full of mucus,abdomen is non tender,soft.DX
2.ulcerative colitis
3.clostridium difficle infection

A lady came with heavy menstrual bleeding with bleeding for 7-8 days once in 5-8 months. She doesn’t want to have children.
A) cocp
C) Mirena
d) Implanon

A 26 yr old lady came at 18th week gestation with clear vaginal discharge, however she told that the pregnancy was unplanned, fetal movement normal heart rate 144/min, her last pap smear was one year ago. she
had no abd pain, what inv will you do
a.Fetal fibronectin test
b. Low vaginal swab
c. High cervical swab
d. Urine microscopy and culture
e.Repeat Pap

30 years woman on medication citalopram, metformin,sodium valproate,simvastatin. What drugs causes her hirsutism
A sodium valproate
C. Simvastatin

You are a resident going to an old age home for annual influenza vaccine. Taken consent from everyone. One 82 yr old man with moderate to severe Dementia refuses and retreats into bathroom. Next?
A) restrain him and vaccinate
B)sedate him and vaccinate
C) wait till he agrees
D) do nothing

13 year old had a sexual relation with 71-year-old man 5 days ago, presented for advice.what to give bhcg
2.give medical post coital contraceptive
3.inform parents
4.inform family authorities

pt presented with fever. 38.with mild ascites, gynecomastia , spider nevi, flapping tremors. vitals given. what’s your initial step of management of this patient ?shahriaramc
a. full blood examination
b. LFTs
C.ammonia level
D.abdominal USG
e. Abdominal paracentesis

Alcoholic patient present with ascites, gynecomastia, spider nevi, parotid gland enlargement and flapping tremors and confusion (not mention about abdominal pain).38.9 fever. What investigation to do?
a. Ammonia level
b. Full blood examination
c. Liver function test
d. Abdominal scan
e. Abdominal paracentesis

patient presented with decompensated liver disease with decreased serum albumin. No encephalopathy. Moderate ascites wt to give?
a. lactulose
b.spironolactone(salt restriction)
c. fluid restriction ????
d. concentrated albumin

A 42 year-old lady presented with abdominal pain, mild jaundice and fever. She was
admitted in the ward. Now she started having rigors and chills associated with nausea
and vomiting and is hypotensive.
What is the most likely diagnosis?
a. Septic shock
b. Acute cholangitis
c. Acute cholecystitis
d. Acute pancreatitis
e. Choledocholithiasis

There was a picture of old man. Swelling in the side of his abdomen.
Prominent when he flexes his neck.
A) incisiional hernia
B paraumbilical hernia
D) epigastric hernia

A pregnant lady with headache for over 12/24 hrs(not sure) now present with hypotension, no abdominal pain.
A) pituitary apoplexy
C) Brain tumor

There was a radio imaging of bowel obstruction with air level.
Said symptoms of rif pain, with swelling in rif.
A) sigmoid volvulus
B)cecal volvulus
C) small bowel obstruction

A lady 39 weeks pregnant now comes with contractions. Asking for indication for start of labour.
A) cervical dilatation
B)frequency of contractions
C) Rupture of membranes

A picture of an 8 yr old girl, swelling above umbilicus, soft and non tender.
A) lipoma
B)epigastric hernia
C) umbilical hernia

asymptomatic man tested positive for a disease, test having 55% ppv, 90%npv. what is the likelihood for the person to have the disease.
1: 55%
4: 45%

16yrd old boy after strenous exercise have5cm swelling over inguinal ligament.It was tender,no cough impulse,irreducible?Dx
a.inguinal hernia
b. femoral hernia
c.inflammed lymph node

What is the most common cause of acute limb ischemia??

A prisoner with history of severe abd pain not willing to give hx. On examination, mild tenderness in epigastric area. No other abnormality. Vitals were normal. X-ray abdomen given looks normal. What to do?
A/ ct
b/ admission for careful observation

19yo mild intellectual retarded man lives in a group home. normal MMSE. A few days ago this man Got aggitated and used a knife to threaten another resident who shares the same group home. This kind of things never happened before. Today this man’s carer took him to your GP Clinic. What’s the next thing to do as a GP?
A: notify police
B: group counselling
C: relocate the other resident
D: Some antipsychotic drug

adult nan 30% burn. good respond to treatment at the beginning. After one day suddenly short of breath with Pao2 only 58, X-ray shows bilateral lung infiltration. what is the next essential thing to do?
A positive pressure ventilation with endotrachal tube
B bipap
C cpap
D frusmide

female normal period, last menstrual cycle 3 weeks ago, ultrasound shows left ovarian has a 10cm unilocular cyst, no excess fluid in peritoneal. what disease?
A corpus luteal cyst
B serous cystoadenona
C mucinous cysadenocarcinoma
D benign teratoma

Patient with retro sternal chest pain for 2 years ,on antacids.No weight loss.
A) endoscopy
C) Ph monitoring

50year old man visits to Bali 7 days before & after he got back, developed fever with chills, mild jaundice, diarrhea. On examination, hepatosplenomegaly present. What will be the fact least indicate malaria?
3) Tachycardia

65 years old with no history of VTE or any other risk, after diverticular disorder operation how long you will anti coagulate the patient?

Non diabetic patient complaining of weakness and clumsiness of lft hand numbness on both feet, foot drop on left side. What inv to find out the lesssion
A.Nerve conduction study
B.Muscle biopsy
C.Vit B12
D.MRI of spine

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