AMC MCQ Recalls February 2020

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Solved recalls is a widely proven method to prepare for AMC MCQ exams, it works for many doctors. In other words, a minimum last 5 years to a maximum of 10 years is the recommended amount of past recalls to focus on. It will give you a hang of the pattern of questions! Meanwhile, AMC MCQ Recalls February 2020 is the latest recalls we have and it is highly recommended to start with this one!

Australian Medical Council (AMC) MCQ Recalls February 2020 compilation

  1. Cervical cone biopsy done now patient has PID type s/s given metro + ampicillin now what to give?
    a. Doxycycline
    b. Azithromycin
    c. Ceftriaxone
  2. Patient with malodorous discharge vaginal green coloured cause??
    a. Gardnerella
    b. Chlamydia
    c. Neisseria
  3. GTN pic chronic now what to do?
    a. Total nail base resection
    b. lateral side of nail base resection.
    c. Antibiotics
  4. Hospital volunteer pricked by hep B + needle now what??
    a. Hep b antigen
    b. hep B antibodies
    c. immunizations with vaccine n Ig
  5. Pregnant women came into contact with chicken pox had chicken pox in childhood ????
  6. MVA scenario u asked nurse to give 10 mg morphine she gave only 2 mg after giving morphine what you do?
    a. tell head nurse
    b. tell nursing board
    c. discuss at lunch
  7. Preg lady nodule in front of neck. TSH low but T3 n 4 normal what test to diagnose??
    a. T3 t4 in 2 weeks.
    b. Antithyroglobulin’s
    c. Usg of thyroid
  8. Wife found husband on washroom floor he was not unconscious but now drowsy. Blood pressure, sugar & all labs normal. CT scan normal. Next investigation ?
    a. Carotid dupler
    b. Echo
    c. ECG
    d. CT angiography
    e. Holter
  9. PAN question from HB (handbook) with joint rash, Hypertension, Proteinuria. Investigation to diagnose ?
    a. Sural biopsy
    b. urine cytology
  10. Aboriginal grandma brings her child to clinic. He is disobedient, not listen to you and his mother is alcohol addicted since age of 18. No mention of cognitive behaviour. Diagnose?
    a. Oppositional defiant anxiety
  11. 7 years old Child not going school. He has weird movement of arm. Arm touches his face then go above head then he bend down. Increase frequency that’s why don’t go school others make fun of him, Home tuition school teacher meeting. Diagnose ?
    a. Tourette
    b. Simple partial seizure
    c. Complex tic
  12. Picture of red swollen hand man was doing gardening yesterday now has fever from last night. Investigation
    a. Usg
    b. MRI
    c. CT scan
    d. admit n give I/v antibiotics
  13. Swelling in front of ear no facial nerve involved its superficial parotid involvement only CT scan shows solid nodule. Next ??
    A. Parotidectomy
    B. USG
    C. FNAC
  14. Ear red pic n facial palsy picture lady has vesicles now deviation of mouth. Investigation ?
    a. Usg
    b. CT
    c. Viral PCR
  15. Appendicitis case u did resection and now found carcinoid 2 mm. Next ??
    a. Right hemicolectomy
    b. Chemo
    c. Radiotherapy
  16. Another GIT C.A duke C..3 lymph nodes involved you did surgery. What will help to increase his life span for next 5 years ?
    a. Chemo
    b. Radiotherapy
    c. Do radio then reopen laparotomy
  17. MVA scenario child has pain on inspiration laboured breathing blood pressure 90/60. JVP raised no tracheal deviation. But subcu crepts present on left side ?
    a. Tension pneumothorax
    b. Cardiac tamponade
    c. simple pneumothorax
  18. Child given oxygen after birth Apgar not improving no murmur ?????????
  19. Child 4 years now came for polio vaccine you only I/v now what ??????
  20. Lady with 28 weeks pregnant booked for blood sugar monitoring not done yet previous all investigation was good and baby scan was good. Reason ?????
  21. Man go to Thailand 6 month now lethargy fever lymphadenopathy no spleen liver. Diagnose ??
    a. EBV
    b. HIV serology
    c. Neisseria serology
  22. Sudden headache, CT normal .l.p normal. Polycystic kidney next??
    a. CT angiography
  23. Diabetic man with sudden warm red leg only pain no tenderness, In calf n foot, With loss of pulse n sensation below knee. Diagnose ?
    a. Poplitial artery aneurysm
    b. Cellulitis
    c. DVT
    d. bursa rupture
  24. Man of Crohns disease, HB ok, low WBC and low neutrophil reason.?
    a. Sulfasalazine
    b. Azathioprine
    c. Prednisolone
  25. Guys there was a case of elderly with thrombophlebitis in bilateral lower limbs, asking for malignancy ?
    a. Small cell lung ca
    b. Pancreas
    c. Colon
    d. Ovarian
  26. Most common death in schizo ?
  27. 58 years old lady, Symmetrical polyarthritis for 3 months, ANA test, RF, ENA +++, CCP DSNA —-. Diagnose ?
    a. SLE
    b. RA
    c. Sjogren
    d. MCTD
    e. Scleroderma
  28. couple with husband with HIV he accept & he is having unprotected sex with his wife, and he said he is not going say anything to his wife. What to do? His wife is your patient too.
    a. Test the wife
    b. Notify to public health
    c. Try to persuade him to tell his wife
    d. Tell his wife
  29. clinical findings with increased ICP after undertreating infective endocarditis
    a. Meningitis
    b. Cerebral abscess
    c. Stroke
  30. The question where we have to avoid contact sports
  31. Rashes post Amox for tonsillitis .what to ro next
    a. pred
    b. stop antibiotics
  32. Immunosuppressed , fever and swollen deformed DIP
    a. Rheumatoid arthritis
    b. Septic arthritis
    c. osteoarthritis
  33. Old lady hypertensive and polymyalgia rheumatica on Pred and antihypertensives .
    Blood picture:
    1.hypoglycemic , hyponatremic, and 5.4K
    She is confused cause of confusion
    c.adrenal insuffic
  34. Someone had ACD- for end stage copd on home oxygen and her ACD is not for icu treatment or cpr. Family wants full ICu intervention . Patients cognition intact . What to do with family
    a. Follow what they want – full icu care
    b. Family meeting
  35. Pituitary tumor Abd infertility treatment or next best step
    a. Tumor removal
    b. Review mri in 6/12
    c. Review mri in 3/12
  36. Malignant hyperthermia investigation
  37. Gastro – dysphagia investigation
  38. 3 lots of ecg
    a. One with no ischemic changes – but unstable angina presentation
    b. Hyperkalemia changes
    c. complete heart Block
  39. Cxr – lobar changes , Rt horizontal fissure opacity not responsive to antibiotics – yellowish sputum
    a. sarcoidosis
    b. carcinoma of lung
    c. sarcoidosis
  40. Postpartum psychosis Mx:
    a. SsRi
    b. Lithium
  41. Another ecg -AF rate of around 80 – stable BP, asking treatment ?
    a. Warfarin
    b. Rivaroxaban
    c. Digoxin
    d. amiodarone
  42. CLL n AML…dont know the read the topic
  43. CLL and AML. Most of the questions were asking treatment, didn’t give diagnosis (two steps questions). They describe the clinical picture with labs ( where they have normal values in brackets) then they ask treatment
  44. Pregnant lady in MVA- shock state with hypotension and tender uterus
  45. Psych
    Schizophrenia vs schizoaffective disorder
  46. OCD – treatment ???
  47. What to do if a patient gifts you a gold watch
  48. There were questions on :
  49. Fluid resuscitation preference in paeds
  50. pyloric stenosis fluid Mx
    A. Sodium chloride plus sodium bicarbonate
    B. Sodium chloride plus potassium chloride
  51. Stats was on relative risk calculation those who got antibiotics in relation to contaminated wound – 100 patients in each group 2 got contaminated wound in antibiotics and 4 got contaminated wound in no antibiotics group
  52. Refugee with 8 kg weight loss hx, hemoptysis and cxr with apical changes
    Also has leg lesions
    How to diagnose the condition
    a. Mantoux test
    b. sputum for AFB
    c. biopsy of leg lesions
  53. 15% pneumothorax
    a. aspiration.
    b. underwater seal drainage
    c. oxygen
  54. What to do in a 90 year old who doesn’t want aggressive medical treatment which you have agreed to but daughter brought patient in for dyspnea which the elderly denies
    a. Investigate dyspnea
    b. refer to ACD – advanced care directive
    c. Start palliative care
  55. obstructed labor – mc Roberts manoeuvre ????
  56. Labs were on cholangitis vs hepatitis ???
  57. Ercp question in jaundice
  58. pulse oximetry as initial step in dyspneic patient.
  59. CXR given, left sided clear, right sided looks like pneumonia?, pt producing yellow sputum x3day, not improving with antibiotics, dx? →
    • lobar pneumonia
    • aspirational pneumonia
    • mesothelioma
    • Ca lung
  60. old pt, ~50 pack year smoking, 3cm opacity on upper right of CXR, …, dx? →
    • Ca
  61. parent bring kid cause he’s not happy at school, he is stuttering (with actual quotes in stem), says he’s bullied because of it, only has 1 friend at school, when going back, he smiles completely, dx? →
    • stuttering
    • Tourette
    • ADHD
    • Autistic
    • Depression
  62. autistic scenario, with language delay
  63. pt to do mesh-hernia repair, which of the following is RF for relapse? →
    • urinary retention, …
  64. pt on aspirin, metformin & ?NSAIDs, pH↓, PCO2-↓, PO2-N, cause? →
    • metformin
    • aspirin,
  65. 10 yo kid, irritable, no fever, leg pain, pain on rotation, nxt? →
    • xray of both legs
  66. woman come for AN care at 8wk gest, she wants non-invasive test for down $ with highest sensitivity …?
    • maternal serum
    • maternal serum + nuchal translucency
    • nuchal translucency
    • ?TVUSG
    • Amniocentesis
  67. 26M, tractor injury, completed 4 course tetanus vaccine & multiple booster dose, last vaccine was 6 yr ago, deep ulcer with soil in wound (unclean), mx? →
    • TIG
    • DPTA
    • IM procaine penicillin
    • TIG + DPTA
    • Nothing
  68. woman who wants abortion at early gestation (~8wk), you as a doctor don’t want to provide it, do? →
    • decline & …
    • oblige as it’s duty
    • ask 2nd opinion from another GP
    • refer to ~abortion clinic
  69. woman h/o CS d/t breech first child, now 2nd child as NSVD, lochia becomes more scant, on day 5, bright red discharge, fever, … cause? →
    • RPOC
    • uterine atony
    • uterine rupture
  70. woman with 2 kid, now amenorrhoea x12 m, after 2nd kid done D&C, cause? →
    • asherman $, …
  71. FSH↑↑, LH↑↑, prolactin-N, TSH-N, 2′ amenorrhoea, cause? →
    • pituitary microadenoma
    • hypothalamus cause
    • conn $
  72. A case of premature menopause at 29ish age woman, sport player (or so I think)
  73. post op pt, input 600 mL oral, 2000mL IV, urinary catheter inserted, output – 3.1L, mx? →
    • 4L of ???
    • NS, 2L DS
    • 2L NS + 2L D
    • ?2L NS in 4/5 DS
  74. Wife brings husband, he had lost job, saying inappropriate words to colleague, confused, angry, dx? →
    • fronto-temporal dementia
    • schizophrenia
  75. eldery?, on day 3 of admission, acute confusion, no other specifics →
    • alcohol withdrawal
  76. Aboriginal, mourning of deceased mother, hears her voice calling, insomnia & loss of appetite, to confirm dx? →
    • timing of mourning
    • disruption of work, …
  77. young guy, afraid thinking that ppl are trying to kill his mother, this happened after car-accident, 3months ago, dx? →
    • PTSD
    • Schizophreniform
    • Psychosis
  78. elderly at emergency, with psychosis, “threatening to kill … “, do? →
    • offer tea & biscuit
    • call security
    • call police
  79. pt with ?DVT, now fever, red, swollen leg, don’t remember about pulses, dx? →
    • cellulitis
    • haematoma
  80. Pt with pain in buttock, reflex, tone↓ on both, h/o DM, HTN, last 3 months ago → all labs – normal, FBS -7.5 dx? →
    • peripheral neuropathy
    • unstable DM, …
  81. old multiple myeloma pt, with constipation & lethargy, blood tests were given – Ca 3.1, BUN↑,Creatine↑, Hb was around 95 I think, mx? →
    • po phosphate
    • po calcitriol
    • po nifedipine
    • IV NS
    • blood transfusion
  82. pt after renal transplant on azathiopine, hot, swollen, tender on ulnar side of (I think toe, or maybe other digit), pic given (very white area around that site), dx? →
    • CCP
    • Gout
    • RA
  83. MVA, massive haemothorax, with flail chest, 1.8L drained, WoF indication for thoracotomy? →
    • volume of blood loss
    • flail chest, …
  84. Infected Not infected
    With antibiotic 2 98
    Without antibiotic 4 96
    • 2%
    • 1%
    • 33%
    • 66%
  85. 1wk old neonate, vomit ~4-5 days, bile-stained, features of dehydration+, irritable, do? →
    • feed & observe
    • laparotomy
    • venous electrolyte
    • barium enema (yes not meal)
    • other enema…
  86. prep for GERD surgery?, BMI~30, …, best? →
    • J-roux en roulex
    • life style modfication, …
  87. 40M, prep for GERD surgery, treated for DVT years ago, mx? →
    • enoxaprin before surgery & continue until discharge
    • enoxaprin after surgery & continue until discharge
    • enoxaprin after surgery for 10 day
  88. acute appendicitis, during appendectomy, there’s 2mm mucinoid scar/tumour?, mx? →
    • ?reassure & follow up
    • Chemo
    • Radio
    • hemisection, …
  89. post op day-1 , oligouria after #FNOF, on aspirin, allopurinol, diclofenac, simastavin, slow vit-K, frusemide, one more drug I don’t remember, which 3 of these drugs likely cause the oligouria?
  90. 3yo Sudanese kid, recently immigrated, deoxy vit D – 20 (normal is 50ish?), no symptoms given, mx?
    • exposure to sun
    • calcitriol
    • fish cod oil
  91. Father informed about his 7yo girl, simulating (something coital?) at school, likely cause? →
    • sexual abuse
    • precocious puberty
    • normal development
  92. Woman bilateral headache, esp in evening, on paracetamol & progestin only contraception, pain not alleviated, nth given about (N&V, photophobia, lacrimation), mx? →
    • stop POP
    • stop paracetamol, …
  93. post op <24hr, SOB, fever(?), (seemed like atelectasis) mx? →
    • physiotherapy
    • drainage
    • Ab
  94. 40ish hirsutism, E↑, testosterone↑ woman, to monitor the possible malignancy? →
    • USG endometrial thickness
    • USG ovary
    • cervical swabs
    • ?mammography
  95. woman/girl with pelvic pain, clear -adnexal mass, fever± →
    • cervical swabs
    • USG
    • no option about urine C&S
  96. UTI? Or some infection resistant to ampicillin, erythromycin & 1 more, what Ab to give? →
    • Trimethoprim
    • Ceftriaxone
  97. 70+ woman, left buttock pain, left hip prosthetic replacement 20 yr ago, h/o some spinal degenerative ds, OE-left leg rotated & shortened, (don’t remember mention of back pain) dx? →
    • FNOF
    • pelvis fracture
    • disc hernia
    • periprosthetic #
    • ?FNO periprosthetic (not sure abt this option)
  98. ITP case
  99. Cardiovascular risk chart plotting (chart given), non-smoker, 64M, 165/90, cholesterol -6, →
    • 10-15%
    • 16-19%
    • 20-25%
  100. child with haemolytic anaemia (pallor + ), multiple immature spherocytes, direct coomb’s test positive, thrombocytosis, dx? →
    • AIHA
    • HS
    • acute myelofibrous ds?
    • acute leukemia
    • chronic granulocytic …
  101. MVA, Xray neck given, C2 is # or something, pt saying he can’t breath, mx? →
    • ET tube
    • Tracheostomy
    • cricothyroidotomy?
    • PPV
  102. Soft(or cystic) parotid gland enlargement x ~2years, now solid & painful, dx? →
    • FNAC
    • Biopsy
    • CT
  103. pt with gall stones, mild ectric, CBD 8mm, fever+, dx? →
    • cholangitis
    • cholecystitis
    • choledocholithiasis
    • empyematous cholecystitis
  104. likely case of pancreatitis, to confirm (or most useful?) in diagnosis? →
    • serum lipase
    • USG abdomen
    • CXR, …
  105. Pt on ED, 15% pneumothorax, (I don’t remember any complaints given like dyspnoea or sth), mx? →
    • needle drainage
    • tube
    • CXR again tomorrow
    • no options like observe …
  106. Child, MCV↓, frequent respiratory tract infection, IoC for dx? →
    • serum ferritin
  107. One case with ?18mm(not too sure) spleen palpable
  108. HTN, DM, + other ds pt for regular checkup, no complaints, all seems normal, except – irregularly irregular rhythm, HR-normal, mx? →
    • Metoprolol
    • Digoxin
    • Aspirin
    • r**van
  109. ECG given, seems like 1′ HB, all normal except irregular pulse, HR-80, multiple diseases (HT, DM,…), give? →
    • Metoprolol
    • Digoxin
    • Aspirin
    • r**van
  110. DVT like cases with chest tightness/discomfort, initial mx? →
    • ECG
    • CXR
  111. Boy/Guy have to touch the ground & other gestures (doesn’t sound like tick), says he can’t stop it, Mx? →
    • exposure & response prevention
    • habit reversal
  112. 2 cases of IO (vomit, constipation ..) , both abdominal Xray given, options were →
    • SBO
    • LBO
    • Sigmoid volvulus
  113. Nurse come into ward with alcoholic smell, do? →
    • fire the nurse
    • document the case
    • inform the nurse’s GP
    • inform nurse board
  114. CT abdomen of pt on warfarin, looks like haematoma? (black area taking whole left side of abdomen), with palpable mass, intense abdominal pain, do? →
    • stop warfarin
    • laparotomy
    • incision & drainage, …
  115. 40F, concerned about breast Ca, not h/o of relative with Ca or high risk, mx? →
    • bi-annual mammo after 50
    • bi-annual mammo after 40
    • self-breast exam
    • no option about mammo exam 2yrly after 50
  116. 50+ white male, pic of reddish-ulcer(?) behind right ear, bleeds when scratched, pain+, (durating ~ 2yr?) dx? →
    • BCC
    • SCC
    • Non-pigmented malenoma
  117. young woman, with non-tender mass in breast, 1.5cm, (don’t remember other points) do? →
    • reassure & follow up
    • USG 6month
    • USG 3 month
    • Surgery or sth..
  118. kid with wide gait, … → CMT, …
  119. old man arrived with confusion, … , OE-asterixism +, not much else is given, likely dx? →
    • hepatic encephalopathy
    • uremic encephalopathy
    • Alzheimer, …
  120. Case about pneumonia in 9m-ish? old, no diarrhoea, organism? →
    • S.pneumoniae
    • RSV
    • (couldn’t rember if there was mycoplasma pneumonia or not)…
  121. Old patient, after transurethral resection for BPH, biopsy founds <5% malignant cells, mx? →
    • complete resection
    • radio
    • chemo
    • ?reassure & followup
  122. Old pt arrived to EM for ??(?impaired cognition) symptoms, h/o of chest pain, abd pain, other complaints without finding any cause, dx? →
    • somatic delusion d/o
    • somatic symptom d/o
    • hypochondriac, …
  123. Pt on warfarin, INR 2.5 a few days ago, after given (???drug), dark urine, mx? →
    • INR again, …
  124. Commercial driver, eye – 6/24, despite your suggestion that he’s not fit to drive, he says another doctor cleared him to drive, do? →
    • contact his doctor & discuss about the patient
    • inform road authorities
    • other unrelevant options.
  125. Man died, his parents/relative says he’s organ donor, in addition to confirming the documents about the donation, do? →
    • inform coroner
    • inform transplant team
    • ask advice from hospital-lawyer, …
  126. 30+ female pt, had 3 episodes of major depression, how long to give antidepressant? →
    • 1yr
    • 2yr
    • 5yr
    • lifelong, …
  127. 1 case of traveller’s (never seen before) case with lymphadenopathy +…, IoC? →
    • EBV serology? (doesn’t look like EBV)
  128. PCOS woman, unsuccessful trying to conceive → metformin
  129. Child with Temporal lobe epilepsy case, automatism+, post-state-confusion+, mx? →
    • Levetiracetam
    • other old AEDs (phenytoin)
    • no option of carbamazepine …
  130. Temporary loss of vision on rt side, headache+, likely GCA case, (dx to confirm)? →
    • temporal artery biopsy
    • no option for ESR
  131. Pt with h/o axillary excision d/t Ca breast or sth, Pic given – multiple deep red spots (think there’s no complaint about itch or pain) on the arm & forearm, cause? →
    • metastasis?
    • Thrombocytopenic * purpura
  132. A case of bulimia nervosa, WoF to confirm dx? →
    • Hyperreflexia
    • facial acne
    • hirsutism
    • parotitis
    • (no denal caries or calloused knuckles)
  133. Stroke patient, asking site of lesion? →
    • Medulla
    • pontine, …
  134. Pregnant woman in late gestation (36wk I think), BP 140/90, urine protein+, ketone+, her BP (some weeks?) ago was normal (120/75), test to make dx? →
    • A:C ratio, …
  135. Burning pain in 1 side of face, other neurological symptoms +, dx? →
    • herpes zoster encephalitis
    • ~ differentials diseases …
  136. Pt with ?HTN or sth, one kidney is 2.5cm larger than other one, further investigation? →
    • CT
    • ascending urethrogram
    • some renal USG
  137. Pt. with haematuria + other sys, investigate? →
    • MC&S
    • CT
  138. Sth like paronychia, mx? →
    • nail avulsion
    • complete nail bed removal
    • partial nail bed removal
    • ?resection
  139. Young pt with spot alopecia + other cf, mx? →
    • griseofulvin, …
  140. Sportsman, knee injury x2d, (there is h/o of ?repeated knee pain within a few weeks), locked in flexion, mild swelling, (didn’t specify the site of pain) dx? →
    • ACL tear
    • collateral ligament tear
    • medial meniscus tear
    • recurrent patella dislocation
    • ?subcapsular bursitis
  141. Most common cause of death in schizo? →
    • cardio-vascular-ds
    • suicide
    • ?malignancy, …
  142. in testing ?drug, which group to choose to minimise the bias? →
    • university students
    • students studying English
    • GP patients
    • in patients
    • patients in nursing home
  143. Pharmacy want to test new Anxiolytic drugs, on placebo-controlled environment, what will happen to placebo group? →
    • they’ll get the effect despite of placebo
    • … prone to ↑risk something…
  144. 70+ male, sudden hemiplegia, doc want to give the antibiotics, Pt understands the consequences of not getting Ab still refuse the Ab (MMSE not given), his sons on phone calling to give Ab, do? →
    • give Ab
    • family meeting
    • ethical board or something
    • no option about not giving antibiotic
  145. child right scrotum inflammed for days (I think 2-4d), no fever, no tender, palpable testes, also redness on(along?) the penis, dx? →
    • epididymitis
    • testicular torsion
    • hydrocele
    • allergy
  146. Child diagnosed as measle, in addition to school exclusion, do? →
    • vaccinate family members
    • check immunization status of classmates
    • prophylactic Ab…

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