AMC MCQ Recalls AUGUST 2020

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During this pandemic, many of our subscribers had their exam postponed due to lock down. There are still some who managed to sit for the exam and provide us with past recalls. As for those who got their exam postponed, we believe that this is the best opportunity to practice more recalls. By doing recalls is one of the best way to tackle AMC Part I. Pilot questions may have tendency to be repeated in the AMC MCQ actual exam. We hope everyone is doing fine. Stay home, stay safe.

Australian Medical Council (AMC) MCQ Recalls AUGUST 2020 compilation

1) 14 years old girl lives with family has now become sexually active comes to you for contraception advice and tells you not to inform her parents. What IS THE FIRST THING YOU DO?
A. Give her prescription of contraception
B. Ask her about identity and age of her sex partner
C. Tell her she needs parents’ permission
D. Inform parents
E. Give OCP and Tell her to use condom to her partner

2) Patient with motor vehicle accident 5 cm wound laceration…. what is next step mx after giving antibiotics?
a. DTap
b. Wound debridement
c. Tetanus toxoid

3) 40 years old female menorrhagia for 6 months, IUCD 18 months, she had CIN 1 which successfully treated; Pap done 1 year bak was normal next (contro)
IUCD removal
Hysteroscopy and D&C
Pap smear

4) Red degeneration fibroid, Pregnant lady with fever and pain came in 2nd trimester. What you will find ?
a. Right iliac fossa pain
b. Deep tenderness

5) women with 2 years after Filshie clip sterilization. Regular cycle with menorrhagia +, At this cycle, bleeding for 10 days with few clots. Pap smear normal 12 months ago. Initial investigation? (exact option)
a) pap smear
b) Full blood count
c) ultrasound
d) Thyroid function test
e) Endometrial Biopsy

6) persistent headache. gradual increase in ring size and shoe size. peculiar deep, hollow-sounding voice. most likely visual field defect?
bitemporal hemianopsia
unilateral blindness

7) A 14-year-old girl comes to the physician for an annual examination. She has no complaints. She became sexually active during the past year and uses condoms occasionally for contraception. She has asthma, for which she occasionally takes an albuterol inhaler. She had an appendectomy at age 9. Physical examination is unremarkable including a normal pelvic examination. When should this patient begin having Pap testing?
A. Immediately
B. Age 16
C. Age 18
D. Age 20
E. Age 21

8) match this ethical concern with definition: giving the patient his or her due
patient preferences
quality of life

9) paraplegic with urinary catheter has recurrent infections. leukocytes and the urine pH is 8. KUB shows the presence of staghorn calculi. type of stone?
calcium phosphate
calcium oxalate

10) 2nd day jaundice – mother AB negative. Feeding well . But little vomiting. Liver 3cm below. Bilirubin 300 . Conjugated 10 . Cause ?
A.Biliary atresia
B.ABO incompatibility
C.Brest milk jaundice
D.Rh incompatibility

11) A 28-year-old ballet dancer presents with a sprained ankle. She has been appearing as part of the corps-de-ballet in a nationally touring company and has had to perform six times a week since the ballet season began two months ago. She tells you that for the last three months she has engaged in self-induced vomiting several times a day, partly out of performance anxiety and partly to control her body weight. Her sprained ankle was the result of worsening fatigue contributing to a fall during a performance. After effective treatment of her ankle injury, which one of the following would be the most appropriate initia l investigation?
A. Liver function tests including serum albumin.
B. Serum electrolytes and creatinine.
C. Full blood count and serum iron.
D. Thyroid function tests.
E. Fasting glucose level.

12) Accountant that is annoyed from load of work and that no one helps him. And goes home late from work. What is the commonest to find in him:
A- Cautious in money spending.

13) Young lady with RUQ pain and jaundice for past 1 week. 2 days ago took 10 tablets PCM for migraine. Blood investigation shows raised GGT, AST and ALT.
A.PCM intoxication
B.Acute cholangitis
C.Stones in the CBD

14) An old woman admitted in hospital due to subdural hemorrhage and when she want to discahrge her son who is mild mental retarded told you as doctor that her mother had 5 times falling and fractures in last 3 months. The womans mmse is 16/30 but both mother and son wants to leave the hospital and go home what should you do now?
A.listen to them and then let them go ACAT team to review her jn hospital ACAT team to review her in home

15) Patient has short term memory loss. Difficulty managing her daily life and daughter complains she mixes things up. On exam, PR- 52/min . BP -120/80. Tx?

16) Lumbar pain following lader fall,most important indication for X-ray
A.Pain radiation to lower limb
B.Local tenderness over L2
C.Pain increases in movement
D.Contusion over spine

17) A man with a mass in scrotum since 2 years ago. It can’t be seen in the mornings after waking up but becomes visible at the end of the day with a heavy sensation. Also It Can be seen in the standing position . it is palpated above the testise and separated from the testise on the examination. the testise is normal in ph/e. What’s the next step ?
A.No investigation
C.Tumor marker

18) increasing hair growth on her face, chest, and abdomen, problems with acne. enlarged clitoris. ovarian tumor?
granulosa tumor
sertoli-leydig cell tumor

19) child complaint of fever and a limp. elevated erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR). which condition is correct?
it is most commonly caused by streptococcus pyogenes.
it can arise following development of deep cellulitis.

20) biopsy resection of a lymph node in her neck, notices instability of her shoulder. probably suffered damage ?
deltoid muscle
long thoracic nerve

21) A young male who was playing rugby comes to the emergency department following a collision with a fellow player on the head which caused him to fall on the floor. A few seconds later he regained consciousness and continued playing. After few minutes he developed confusion, dizziness and headache. what is the best initial management?
a) Burrhole
b) IV fluid and rehydration
c) CT scan
d) MRI scan

22) 75 yr old lady mild uterine prolapse vaginal atrophy and drinks 7 cans of beer every night plus 3 coffee a day complain of nocturia wakes up wetting the bed asking reason of the incontinence
A. stress incontinence
B. urge incontinence
C. alcohol intoxication
D. overactive bladder
E. uterine prolapse

23) A smoker and alcoholic man comes with dyspnea (looked like copd scenario). Ph:7.45, pO2: 40, pco2:54. O2 and salbu given. What to do next?
(No cpap in options)

24) diabetic woman drinks three beers per day is found to have high level triglyceride. risk for which complications?
acute pancreatitis
sudden cardiac death

25) during her labor she required hydralazine to control her blood pressures. adequate urine output at greater than 40 cc/h. somnolent and speech is slurred. deep tendon reflexes are absent. cause?
adverse reaction to hydralazine
hypertensive stroke

26) infant has a head CT performed because of a large head and failure to thrive. first-trimester maternal disorders?
complicated migraine
viral infection

27)  Red man syndrome. Vancomycin stopped. What next?
a. Slow infusion
b. Dont give again

28) old man memory loss for 2 years. diagnosis of Alzheimer disease is made. medications for improvement?

29) injured thoracic spine in a accident. pain and thermal sensation loss on part of his left body. spinal cord conditions?
Brown-Séquard (hemisection) syndrome
complete transection

30) young man headache and photophobia on awakening. discovers a low-grade fever and resistance to neck flexion. develops nausea and more intense headache. disoriented and inappropriately lethargic. diagnosis?
meningococcal meningitis
subacute combined systems disease

31) 12-year-old boy has slightly pigmented pubic hairs; slight enlargement of his penis, and a pink, textured, and enlarged scrotum. which sexual maturation rating (SMR) stage?

32) 7-lb male infant. normal-appearing male external genitalia. scrotum is empty. No testes are palpable in the inguinal canals. appears to be a uterus present as well
lack of müllerian-inhibiting factor
lack of testosterone

33) old female with hypertension treated with a thiazide diuretic. chest x-ray suggests a widened mediastinum.
IV furosemide plus IV loading dose of digoxin
percutaneous coronary intervention with consideration of angioplasty and/or stenting

34) 90% of people with lung cancer are smokers. 30% of the people without lung cancer are also smokers. what is the specificity using smoking as a predictor of lung cancer?

35) patient with knee swelling and pain. perform an arthrocentesis. fluid analysis reveals rhomboid-shaped positively birefringent crystals. diagnosis?

36) female with a pruritic rash localized to the wrist. Papules and vesicles are noted in a bandlike pattern. cause of the rash?
herpes simplex

37) 4-year-old child at ER with erythematous rash and temperature of 40°C. desquamation of skin occurs with gentle traction. diagnosis?
epidermolysis bullosa
staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome

38) old man at ED complain mild diffuse abdominal pain. denies fever, vomiting, diarrhea, and rectal bleeding. abdomen is tense but only mildly tender. diagnosis?
ascending cholangitis
acute pulmonary edema

39) Patient after dyalisis with pic of swollen joint,dx?
2.Septic arthritis

40) old patient died at his home, 2 days ago had fever and agitated. H.O prostate cancer, with a u/a exam nitritis+, rbc+, what will you write as cause of death on his death certificate?
A – sepsis
B – Prostate cancer
C – Multiple organ failure
D – Old age

41) A patient who has rheumatoid arthritis had history of DVT. Now he came with black fingers (picture given of cyanotic fingers). what is the investigation to find the underlying cause?
B- Anticardiolipin
D- Anti ds DNA

42) 8yr old boy playing sports presented with unilateral breast enlargement (picture was given).He is asthmatic on salbutamol & fluticasone for long period. Dx?
B.Anabolic steroids use
C.asthma drugs induced (salbu)

43) Aboriginal kid 9 years old, came to see you, because since 2 days ago he is having unckle edema. Next step?
A: Anti streoptolicin O,
B: swab of the throat

44) Child of 6 years old, is coming with his mum, cos he is having a pianal pain, you can see multiple scars and bruises. when you are going to do the physical examination, she reufuse. What would you suspect?
1. Mum’s is abusing him

45) 26 years girl, came with his husband, they want to have bebes, they have been trying since 6 months, but unsuccessful outcomes, she is with BMI 29, hirsutism. Next best step:
A. Clomifen
B metformin
C weight loss D IVF

46) 27 years old woman is 36 weeks pregnant, her husband is abusing her, what would you do?
A. Informe the police,
B take pictures and attach them to the report
C tell her to go home and come back later.

47) 16 weeks baby is lethargic, dehydrated, fever 39°, and has rash in his trunk, what would you do?
B blood culture
C FBE (didn’t give option of Antibiotic)

48) 67 years old woman, is coming because her finger is red, hard to move, the pic was with a tophy on it, Dx? (I’ll look for the pic)
A. Septic arthritis
B gout
C pesudogut

49) Pt 37 years old, is coming because of SOB, fever. Physical examination decrease sounds of right side, she was be able to talk. (X ray show oppacity until half of the lung) what would you do?
A flucoxacullin
B bronchoscophy
C Pleural effusion Drainage ( so I think it was a very bad pneumonia complicated with an Empyema)

50) Pt was doing gardening yesterday and today he come to ED because his hand is red, painful. What would you do.
A. Admission + Antibiotics
B x ray

51) Woman 36 weeks pregnant, has painless bleeding of 1000ml, how would you make the dx A fetal tachycardia B Fetal sounds absent

52) patient with pericarditis, he is on Gentamicin, levels of it are ok. Since 2 days he has had dizziness, ear discomfort. Why his symptoms

53) pt of 35 years old, with a displaced sx of the femur 4 days ago and now he is having and respiratory difficulty.. What would you do?
C VQ scan

54) Athletic pt is looking for to get pregnant, she has amenorrea of 12 month, BMI of 35. Cause?
A. Primary amenorrea
B. Hypothalamic amenorrea

55) Pt on warfarin INR of 7, he is now with bruises over his back, and abdominal pain. Best Dx?
A. Ct scan
B ultrasound
C ct angiography

56) 22 years old girl is having vaginal discharge, greenish color and mal odour. Dx:
A Ganerela
B chlamydia,
C N. Gonorrhea

We will gather more AUGUST recalls and add into this post. So do visit regularly for the latest update.

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